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12 Free High-Resolution and Truly Inspiring Image Sources

Just imagine: a new project has been shaped in your mind. You’ve already visualized the way your website will look: elegant design, stunning layout, breathtaking pictures you can’t help looking at. The color combination in your mind  represents the gist of your site most accurately – as never before in your life. You grab a cup of coffee and rush to your computer with the strongest intentions to embody this piece of art, to astonish everyone around you and get dozens and dozens of clients admiring your professionalism.  And just at the moment when you got too far in your dreams… you realize that You. Don’t. Have. Proper. Pictures.

You start rapidly looking for pics which would be at least half-close to the ones in your mind, clicking through all the free photos sites known, but all you find is plastic faces with simulated smiles and unnatural sceneries. Your great plan fails and the laurel of being the Greatest Designer moves away… Wait a second. LET’S PLAY BACK.

You grab a cup of coffee and rush to your computer with the strongest intentions to embody and shape this piece of art… and you suddenly stumble into the Crocoblock post about the 12 Inspiring Websites with Free Amazingly Beautiful Photos. And to your greatest pleasure, skimming them you realize this was exactly what you needed.

Starting with the very first one.

1. Picjumbo


A great source providing totally free photos for your commercial and personal works. Categorized, they are ready for use. Download & enjoy.

2. Getrefe 


Here one can find really good scenery pics: urban views (streets, architecture) and nature. There are several crafts and some food even. They will perfectly fit into a site.

3. Jay Mantri 


And this guy has truly fresh airy photos. Besides, he uploads 7 new pictures every Thursday, so already in a week you will have 7 photos more to choose among than even now.

4. Magdeleine


This source is great as well. If you need more airy pictures – you may find them here. They are also categorized, moreover, you may choose a picture by color needed.

5. Public Domain Archive


This collection might seem to be somewhat typical, but it is contains some very good historical photos which are so often needed and not found. And here they are waiting for you.

6. Foodiesfeed


A geniuinely appetizing website. A great proof that Food is Art 🙂 Pick the pictures you need, enjoy the beauty and aesthetics of food in your work.

7. The Pattern Library


A valuable storage of patterns from all over the world. And even if you don’t need patterns – take a look at them and enjoy. They definitely worth a notice.

8. IM Free


A new, yet very big collection of photos. Incredibly easy for search: e.g. people category is divided into smaller categories – women, men, old, families, couples, etc. Save your time searching for a necessary item.

9. Little Visuals


You can sign up to get 7 hi-res images every 7 days.   Or you may not sign up and still get those photos zipped – download them directly from the site.

10. Death to the stock photo


The name of this great source speaks for itself – they stoutly decided to declare war to stock photos which migrate from one site to another. You only have to sign up and get access to the fresh images they offer.

11. New Old Stock


New is forgotten old. A truly amazing website with impressive historical photos. Once they had copyright but now the copyright period has expired.

12. Unsplash


A windfall for those who are looking for great pictures. No registration needed, download them right away.

Here, now you have 12 great sources for your success. They will definitely ease your professional life and add a fine flavor to your creation process. Make them work for you &  enjoy the process of creating!

P.S. If there are any sources you’d like others to know about, please feel free to mention them in the comments. We’d love to hear from you!

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