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16 Free Romantic Fonts

As I’ve noticed, there are 2 types of people: those who like Valentine’s Day and those who don’t. You can tell this especially before the holiday itself. Anyway, love is in the air… and in design. I can’t call myself a romantic person, but I can vividly see a tendency of romantic stuff succeed. So if you belong to the first group – enjoy the beauty and get aesthetic pleasure from using romantic items. To those who believe this day is meaningless, over-rated commercial holiday: don’t forget using something romantic can bring you revenue. Even those who don’t believe romance is something important, can’t fight a fact that so much of art is dedicated to the love subject, that it is definitely worth attention.

Besides, once I heard a great phrase: there are no non-romantic people, they simply have a different understanding of romance. And of romantic issues as well.

What is offered here is 16 beautiful fonts which men suppose to be romantic. Clean, elegant… not trivial. Wait, is that something what ‘romantic’ means?

Check them out and comment if you agree.

1. Glamor

Glamor free font

2. Sant Joan Despi

Sant Joan Despí free font

3. VolsteadVolstead free font

4. Moon


5. StationeryLavenda Free Font

6. Bedtime StoriesBedtime stories

7. Tesla Font

Tesla Free Font

8. Big John/Slim Joe Big John/Slim Joe

9. Canter Free Font

Canter Typeface free font

10. Deco Neue Light Typeface Deco Neue Light Typeface free font

11. Yonder Yonder free hand-written font

12. Portica

13. Kagura 


14. MagnoliaMagnolia free font

15. Adine Kirnberg Script

Adine Kirnberg Script

16. Barkentina 

Barkentina Free Font

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