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16 Inspiring Resources For Designers

One of my favorite quotes by Einstein is ‘Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving’. We all know what if feels like when you belive you’re run out of strength, joy and inspiration. However, there are couple quick steps to get back in the saddle. They work for me and for several more dozens of people whom I know, so they should work for you as well.

Firstly, remember this state will pass, and will pass pretty soon.

Secondly, keep moving. This is actually Einstein’s piece of advice. Don’t stop and you’ll get your inner balance back soon.

One of the ways to keep moving is dive into art of others. Normally, this is a huge piece of inspiration which helps you get new ideas. Newton is said to have seen an apple fall down to invent a law of universal gravitation, why not remember this and apply to yourself? Your greatest ideas may come from the most unsignificant at first sight things.

What was I saying… Art. Beautiful, sophisticated and sometimes weird. Here you can find 16 great resources of art to dive into.

After checking them out you will definitely have couple ideas coined in your mind.
Get inspired!

1. Abduzeedo

Abduzeedo_inspirationAn always helpful source of tutorials, design, typography, news and wallpapers.

2. Oodles of Doodles

Oodles of Doodles InspirationAn eternity of drawings to investigate.

3. Buamai


Conceptual works of different artists may bring you some fresh thoughts.

4. Graphic Exchange


‘Emotion. Inspiration. Creation’ is a motto of a great source named Graphic Exchange.

5. Oneeyeland

Oneeyeland Inspiration

A collection of beautiful non-trivial photography. Some of the works may seem creepy 🙂

6. Typographyserved

Typography Served

A collection of beautiful typography and amazing fonts.

7. Logopond


Here you can find stunning logos and ideas for creating your own.



It’s a great network where people share exciting works found on the Web.

9. Note & Point

Note & Point

Examples of beautiful presentations. A Power-point art.

10. Web Design Pool

Webdesign Pool

Screenshots of webdesign. Check them out and find the ones you like.

11. Design Shack

Design Shack

A CSS gallery of categorized designs. Easy to search.

12. Information is Beautiful

Information is Beautiful

Information vizualized. Get ideas of how you can present your data.

13. Boredpanda


One of the greatest sources sharing joy, design and inspiration.

14. Poster Design

Poster Design

Designing a poster? This source has a huge number of ideas to offer.

15. Onepagelove


A great collection of single-page websites. Awesome bringing out projects.

16. Creative Fluff

Creative Fluff

Pure inspiration.

Whenever you’re feeling down, pull yourself together.

Enjoy. Create.


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