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6 Best Backup Plugins

There are two types of people: those who ALREADY back up and those who don’t back up YET. As IT problems tend to show up when least expected, we suggest that you start an automatic backup and sleep well. Besides, manual back up is time-consuming and in that sense plugins may help you a lot.
If you don’t have much data yet and your WordPress website only starts its way to success, a free plugin would be quite enough. It has basic functionality, and some extra features you can get with a paid version.

So, shall we?

1. BackWPup

best backup plugins

This plugin has both free and paid version (Price: $75, $95, $190). A great thing about it is that you can choose where to store your backups. The list of external backup services is here. Basically this plugin backs up everything: plugins, themes, uploads – whatever. It’s available in 5 languages and is really easy to use.

A free version of a plugin backs up to Dropbox, Rackspace Cloud Files, FTP server, SugarSync. A paid version has extra useful features and it also offers more storage options than a free version. For more information visit their website.

2. WP Remote

best backup plugins

This is a service which lets you manage several websites. It also includes back-up function. It’s totally free, and in case you administer more than one site, this plugin will be really handy for you. It stores your data daily to Amazon S3, Dropbox or you can upload backups to your own server via FTP or SFTP. To learn more click this link.

3. VaultPress

best backup plugins

VaultPress is a plugin which gained authority in backing up a long time ago. There is no free version, but there is a lite one which makes daily backups with a 30-day archive for $5 per month.  The next-level version, probably the most popular among users, is basic one ($15/month), which does a real time back up and includes a full backup archive. One VaultPress subscription is for a single WordPress site. Nevertheless you can manage several WP sites after purchasing additional subscriptions. You can read more on

 4. WP-DB Manager

best backup plugins

WP-DB Manager is a free plugin which allows you to automatically schedule backing up, optimizing and repairing of database. It has an issue with a password though —  this plugin passes your database password in the command line of mysqldump. This is convenient, but potentially insecure. If that’s an issue to you, try WP-DB-Backup. You can read here about the difference between these 2 plugins.

5. BlogVault

best backup plugins

BlogVault maintain multiple backups on their servers and can upload your data to Dropbox also. It offers you a free 7-day trial and you can choose any of the 3 versions available.To know more about pricing click this link. They automatically back up every 24 hours, but you can initiate a backup manually. Besides, if you need to migrate your complete site to a new domain or server, the plugin will do it automatically. Check out info on their official website.

6. BackUpWordPress

best backup plugins

There are 2 plugin versions available. A free version stores your backups to your server, but you can choose another option of storage if you get a developer version plugin. The plugin is available in 13 languages and works in low memory, ‘shared host’ environments and it manages multiple schedules. Besides, there is an option to have each back up file emailed to you. To check out the features of both plans click this link.

 To sum up, one of this plugins is a lifebuoy for your website. No matter what threat awaits for it, backing up is a guarantee all your data will be safe and easy to restore.


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