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Crocoblock VS Elegant Themes: Which WordPress Theme Club To Choose

If you are interested in WordPress themes, most likely you need to have many of them at your disposal. And the best option for getting a bunch of beautiful clean WP themes is getting a membership in WordPress theme club. The question is how to choose a WordPress club? Which one to choose: a time-tested club or maybe try one of the rising WordPress stars? Hopefully here I can clarify some points for you.

 2 years ago WPMUDEV published a groundbreaking research comparing several most successful theme clubs. Time’s passed, information got outdated and new clubs took the stage. Here’s a comparison of an old and a new WP club: Elegant themes  and Crocoblock based on a great detailed table of Clifford Paulick.  The table criteria is somewhat modified, yet the core idea is kept.

Let’s see how we make it along with an old-timer Elegant themes.

Company name Crocoblock Elegant Themes
General Theme Information
Theme version 3.1.4 (Cherry Framework version)  –
Able to use for client sites Y Y
Affiliate program Y Y
Approximate # of Staff 8 33
Blog Y Y
Demo front-end Y Y
Demo wp-admin
Pricing $69, $149, $169 $69, $89. $249
Minimal price per theme $0.62 $0.79
# of themes 111 87
Frequency of theme release 2 per month 2-3 a year
Return Policy, Discount Codes Y Y
Child theme store Y
Free theme(s) 3 1
Sample Child Theme Provided Y
Plugin store Y
Facebook Page Y Y
Twitter Account Y Y
Showcase of Sites Y
Support/Update Time Period w/o Renewal Support: when subscribed. Updates – always. Support+Updates – during a year.
T&C Privacy Policy Terms of Service
Theme Support Details
Live Chat support For current subscribers  –
Email Support Y Y
Forum Support Y Y
Forum private messaging feature Y
Forum access only for current subscribers Y Y
Newsletter with tips Y
Demo site content provided Y Y
Downloadable web elements/graphics/PSD PSDs (In all plans) PSDs (Developer plan)
Responsive tester tool Y
Feature Comparison
Auto-updater Y (always) For as long as you are a member
MultiSite-capable Y Y
Shortcodes Y Y
Sliders Y Y
Tabs, accordions, etc. Y, via short codes Y, via short codes
Theme layout/column options Y with Divi theme
Widget-ready Y Y
CSS Pre-Processor LESS  –
Twitter Bootstrap Y
Drag-and-Drop layout options per page template or per page / post Y Y
Footer display/layout customizations Y
Custom header/logo image(s) Y Y
Favicon Y Y
Background color/image settings Y Y
Fonts/Typography Y Y
Menu/Nav settings Y Y
Translation-ready Y Y
E-commerce-ready Y (WooCommerce + Jigoshop) Y
Responsive Y Y
Responsive sliders Y Y
Import/export functionality Y In Divi theme
Settings reset button Y Y

Let’s sum it up. Not surprisingly, there are things which these 2 clubs have or don’t have. Well, that’s the point of comparison. And it’s your business to choose the right one particularly for you.

Elegant themes is a great WordPress club. They have something not all new WP clubs have – a plugin store and showcase of sites. Nevertheless, if you are a webdesigner of various projects, it would be easier for you to have a ready, narrowed down to a specific subject template for your customer.

This is something that we have.

No matter what your client is – a writer, a church owner or a huge e-commerce shop – you’ll have an almost complete project at the very beginning. Elegant themes don’t release their themes too often, while Crocoblock has a high theme release frequency. Getting a membership in Crocoblock, you get 100+ themes (+ 2 themes released every month). One more thing we believe is useful for you – PSD files come in every plan.

An important thing about these clubs is that both clubs are affordable. If compare minimal price per theme, we have a lower price and a bigger variety of choices.

Speaking of support, Elegant themes has an email support for those who are unregistered and forum support for those registered. However, free registration is not available.  At Crocoblock you can sign up as a free member and get an answer to your question in a live chat support immediately. Besides, being a free member, you can download 3 free WordPress themes.

Every club has something to be appreciated for. It’ll be a year soon since we’ve launched Crocoblock, and I’d like to say I’m really proud of what our team has done. We’ve made a beautiful competitive WP collection so you can benefit from a constantly growing WP club.

 If you have any questions, propositions or just couple words to tell us, please contact us right away. We’ll make sure that Crocoblock becomes your devoted WordPress guardian.

You can contact us
via Facebook
via Twitter
via Google
via Pinterest

Crocoblock CEO

P.S. Comparing clubs, I’ve tried to put aside all my affection to Crocoblock to be fully objective. Please don’t be too strict if you notice anything that you believe is not right 🙂 Share your opinion in the comment section below.


  1. suite369

    Going to give crocoblock a try. Elegant released ONE theme over the YEAR of my membership, and I don’t like all of my sites looking the same.

    • Anastasia (Crocoblock Support)

      Thank you for staying with Crocoblock 🙂

  2. razato

    Are crocoblock themes compatible with Cherry Framework 4 (the latest version)?

    If not, what are the modification to do?


    • perfectimprints

      I’ve already tried to ask this and they can’t seem to give me a release date. They said you’ll get an email when it’s available.

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