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Get Your Easter Discount For 100+ WordPress Themes

Hey guys,

Happy to see you here on this April day! Hope you are enjoying your spring and this amazing pre-Easter spirit.

It’s high time for Easter discounts!

There is a German tradition when kids are searching for presents which the Easter Bunny has hidden for them on Easter morning. We’ve grown up, but we all love challenging quests, so…

Here’s the game.

You find 5 Easter eggs on the website and when you find the last one you get a prize – a 25% promocode.


Here are the tips:

  • 1 egg you’ll find on the home page

  • 3 eggs you’ll find in the latest Crocoblock themes which include GREEN color

  • 1 egg you will find in a blog post which name includes word ‘Inspiring’

Good luck & happy holidays!


Crocoblock CEO


  1. mbnstudioz

    Hi please is this real, i’ve found 4 eggs and the 5th one is nowhere to be found. gone through the posts with the word “inspiring” in their name.

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