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Must See: TOP 10 Crocoblock Themes

Crocoblock was founded 6 months ago. An intense work rhythm and passion for the web brought us together to create the biggest and the fastest growing WordPress club. With Crocoblock you have an easy access to 100+ WordPress themes. Thank you for your support over the last 6 months – we wouldn’t be here without you!

Let’s see if Crocoblock users agree: here are the Top 10 Crocoblock themes downloaded by you. But don’t let that discourage you from checking out the rest of our designs.

If you are new here, that’s great: you have a chance to see Top 10 Crocoblock themes which you may benefit from.

One more thing before we start: we’re now offering you 3 amazing free Crocoblock themes for download. And according to our data these are some of your favourites!

1) Jewelry Jigoshop Theme

Jewelry Jigoshop Theme Crocoblock

You can’t help but download its minimal, nevertheless luxurious colors and layout.

2) Free Multi Web Design theme

Free Multi Web Design Crocoblock Theme

 3) Free Interior Store

Interior Store WooCommerce Theme

The third Crocoblock theme that people love. Ease of perception, simplicity yet neatness  of a theme are promising.

Well, now we are moving to the most exciting part – to the list itself.

1. City Hospital

City Hospital Theme Crocoblock

A perfect theme for those who need to present a lot of descriptive information on a website. Pay attention to the depth of layout, it makes your website seizable. Clean, beautiful and easily understandable, this theme already became a base for websites of many.

2. Utopia

Utopia WordPress Theme Crocoblock

Yeah, this theme rocks. Bigger is better – pay attention to big elements of the theme. A great presentation of imagery lets you convey the gist of your website in all the details – bright, thrilling and a little seductive. No wonder people like it. Would you use this one for your website?

3. Cartoon Blog

WordPress Theme

Colors, guys, pay attention to colors! And layout, of course. It has a kind of online magazine  style. A piece of cartoon production magic embodied in a theme is extremely captivating. Family-friendly, the Cartoon Blog theme is really fun. Both Grown-ups and kids are drawn to this theme, judging by the number of times downloaded. Are you?

4. Credens

Credens WordPress Theme Crocoblock

Obviously, web designers discovered how easy this website would be for users. It has flat design, it is easy to read, easy to search and thus, easy to like.

How do you like it?

5. Wine Store

Wine Store WordPress Theme

Looking at an exhilarating layout of a Wine Store you can actually hear a cork popping out of a wine bottle. Check out pastel colors and a layout of this theme – it’s trully appetizing, isn’t it?

6. Gym

Gym WordPress Theme Crocoblock

When was the last time you visited a fitness website? Nothing superfluous – the main info only, and motivating pictures, of course. It also has a great hover. This information-full theme is exactly  what webdesigners need. Check it out, you might need it in future.

7. Extreme Sports

Extreme Sports Crocoblock Theme

An adrenaline-full message about extreme sports – that was exactly what guys wanted to put into their website. The theme font deserves special mention, so if you need anything like this – you are welcome to check this theme out.

Do you feel your heart beating faster when you look at it?

8. Handmade Jewelry (WooCommerce)

WooCommerce Theme Jewelry Crocoblock

This theme appeared to be incredibly popular among those who want to create a showcase website. The layout is really stylish. A playful slider flirts with a visitior, and one can not simply leave the site without a purchase.

9. iCollector

WordPress Theme Crocoblock iCollector

Soft color background deliberately emphasizes a Pinterest-like imagery presentation. This theme allows to  create a really powerful visually-oriented website. Which is more, post formats are adapted so you can easily present different kinds of content on your page. Check it out, maybe you need this, too.

10. John Smith WordPress Theme

Singer WordPress Theme Crocoblock

You will probably agree that creating a celebrity website is challenging. And this is a superb WordPress theme for creating one. It has a chic design, amazing colors and a smooth text box appear on slider. You simply must see it.

Oh and one more thing, there should be a theme you like the most among these 10.

Feel free to name it in the comments below.

We’d love to hear from you!







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