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First Brief Report to Crocoblock’s Members

Crocoblock’s project is very young, but it has sharp teeth and claws as well as hotshot character and thick skin. It is a good swimmer and diver, able to withstand any storm breaking out in the ocean of e-commerce.

If you are a Crocoblock’s club member you can feel safe and calm as the monster is ready to die protecting its friends’ interests. Thus, who on Earth will be audacious enough to disturb the dozing crocodile? Just kidding. Crocodiles have a good sense of humor, as well.

But we have digressed from the main topic of our entry. Actually, we aim to make a brief report of Crocoblock’s activity for our current and prospective members.

The first point.

Nearly 10 brand new, feature-rich and absolutely beautiful themes were released. Here are some of them for you to recollect:

Dinner King – WordPress Theme for Restaurant Website

Dinner King - WordPress theme for restaurant

IQ Exterior – WordPress Theme for Exterior Design Company

IQ Exterior WordPress theme for Architecture

Bikes Dark – JigoShop Theme for Bicycle Shop

Bikes Shop - JigoShop Theme

Size Cloths – WooCommerce Themes for Plus Size Clothes

Apparel WooCommerce Theme

Utopia – WordPress Theme for Night Club

Utopia - WordPress Theme for Night Club

Fusion – Perfect Theme for Web Design Agency

Fusion WordPress Theme for Creative Agency

The second point.

Web community gets to know and recognize us. and published substantial articles about Crocoblock, its services, and distinctive features.

The third positive point.

Crocoblock’s team has closely communicated with its first club members. We thoroughly analyzed their opinion and found out that download restriction to 30 themes a month prevents many customers from being 100% satisfied with our services. Our crocodile is not greedy and always puts club members’ happiness first, that’s why we just removed the limitation. Now, you are free to download as many themes as you wish during the month. We hope the good news will cheer you up.

That was our short report on how Crocoblock keeps its promises to club members. Please note that we are always open to the constructive dialogue, so if you have any more questions or suggestions, just speak up.


  1. Ben

    Keep rocking guys, I really admire your work ethic and can see you guys going on to big things !
    I gave your site a shout out here:

    • vladimir

      Hi Ben!
      Thank you for your kind words! We’ll keep on adding new great themes. And thank you for featuring us on your blog. This helps a lot & we really appreciate it!

  2. sobejohnny

    Hi guys. I am really trying to get comfortable to Cherry Framework. It has been somewhat a disaster my first time effort with TM. I have paid almost $300 in assistance. I like this product, but am I looking for some strong support as i learn. Is this the place?

    • vladimir

      Hi sobejohnny,

      Thanks for your comment. I’m sorry about your poor experience with Cherry. 🙁
      Here’s what we offer in terms of support:
      – documentation (with every template)
      – video tutorials
      – forum
      – we also have a live chat but not all the issues can be solved there.

      Cherry framework is updated regularly. The goal is to make it as easy to work with as possible. Anyway, when it comes to support our scope is to explain how it (Cherry or theme) works and not to charge you some $$$.

  3. razato

    Did you put back the limitation?
    I can download only 20 themes though I’ve paid for 111 as advertized.

    • Max Kiriyanov

      We are sorry for the inconvenience. Everything is okay now, please check it.

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