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The Winners of the Great Giveaway Announced!

We thank you all who participated in our giveaway!

To make the long story short here’s the list of the winners:
The 1st prize – one year of unlimited access to all our themes – Javier Gonzalez
The 2nd prize – Premium plan (includes Startup + 1st Month) – Heather St Marie
The 3rd prize – Developer plan (includes Startup + 1st Month) – Mohamed
The 4th prize – Standard plan (includes Startup + 1st Month) – Chris Finnegan

Congratulations to all of you and we hope that our themes will help you make the Web a better and prettier place! We’ll get in touch with all of you soon with the instructions on how to get the membership.


  1. Javier González

    I can’t believe i actually won! Thank you!

  2. newlevel

    Thank you! I’ve been looking forward to trying out your themes!


  3. clickwebdesign

    Thanks so much, exciting to be on the winners list!

  4. Free Japan

    Free Japan

    This definitely be the next preference. You are perfect, theme team. I Really enjoy the system, fonts along with the perfect subject. Thanks for a great valuable design. Great job! Popular Free Webmaster Keep up the ultra do the webjob!

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