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If you are not an architect yourself, designing a decent website for architectural company might seem a bit confusing at first. However, designers are also kind of architects building virtual houses, offices, cities, worlds and even galaxies in Photoshop. Let’s view this challenge from that point and ideas will start flashing through your mind. Have a look at our version of the website for an architectural company. If you agree with our approach, you can download this theme at any moment and construct your website on its basis. So, what did we do? We put visual appeal and interactivity of the website on the first front. That’s why there are so many images there. They are presented either in slider or in the content area. From our viewpoint (and we sincerely believe that you will fully agree with us) when people surf the net in search of professional and reliable architectural company, they want to see the results of its work first of all. And nothing can characterize the company better than its impressive finished projects. You can post them into the slider and two sections at the content area, where the photos are supplied with explanatory text. Besides they have hover effect and can be zoomed in and out. Company name is also not the result of random choice. The designer wanted to draw your attention to the accuracy of template’s lines and elements, which is extremely important. Do you like color palette of the theme? Most of the layout is clean and business-like. However, the sticky menu (that is always before your eyes) and footer are of brick-red color. Some minor elements on the page change the color on hover or are initially of this brighter hue. Why is this hack good for website’s usability? We guess you know the answer yourself, but we’ll verbalize it all the same. Such color accents help create hierarchy on the page which means that users will know exactly where to look first. Then the design will guide their eyes all the way through the page, emphasizing most essential information. A good practice, isn’t it? No doubt that your customers will appreciate it. At the end of this brief template’s description we would like to mention the nontrivial ‘FAQ’, ‘Newsletter’ and ‘Testimonials’ blocks design solution. Black outlined icons and text over the snow-white rectangles, responding each user’s action are just amazing. Of course it’s just the beginning of your acquaintance with the theme, we hope it was pleasant. And don’t forget that you can either leave or replace any element on any page easily upon your or customer’s wish…

What’s Included


Service box

Posts Grid

Hero Unit





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Upload and
Activate Framework


Upload and
Activate Theme

Importing Content Has Never Been So Easy

step 1Upload Sample Data Files

step 3Watch the Automatic Installer work

step 2Enjoy Uploading Animation 🙂

Other Features

Software Required

Adobe Photoshop CS+
Apache Server

For uncompressing a
template ZIP package:

WinZip 9+ (Windows)
Stuffit Expander 10+ (Mac)

Hosting Requirements

PHP 5.3 or higher
MySQL 5.0 or higher
The mod_rewrite Apache module
WordPress 3.6.x

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