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Free Multi Web Design WordPress Theme

Theme description

Do you like freebies? Surely you do! So, hang on while we explain! You are not mistaken and this awesome theme won’t cost you a cent. But words are still words, so let’s jump into details and see what else is in store for you. First of all let’s assume who you can use this template for. Actually its title speaks for itself. The theme has rather universal design. You can customize it for a web design or web development agency as well as photographer’s or videographer’s portfolio. Color scheme of the template is clean and fresh, yet rather bright. So, it seems to us that it will be loved by young and daring or simply creative and extraordinary personalities who want to burst into the www and conquer it at the shortest time. And here is some great news for you: if your customer doesn’t like flashy colors, you can easily change them for softer ones as all our templates are built to be easily customized. The theme has four content areas, where you will be able to post all visual and text info your customer needs. The icons at the welcome section are simple and outlined, which creates the atmosphere of air and lightness on the page. Recent works have zooming effect, which lets website visitors view them very carefully. Satisfied clients logos help to raise the level of users’ trust to the company they’ve just found on the web. But that’s not all, far from it. Do you know the saying: “All is well that ends well”? Our theme ends with a detailed Google map, owing to which users will be able to find office locations quickly even in the big city, and of course social sharing buttons. No business today can do without social presence and activity, so it’s rather predictable that your clients will expect to see this block on their web page. We hope you like our free theme, so it’s time to pass to the next step. Just download it and start working on the new web design chef-d’oeuvre.

What’s Included


Service box

Posts Grid

Hero Unit





Extract Theme


Upload and
Activate Framework


Upload and
Activate Theme

Importing Content Has Never Been So Easy

step 1Upload Sample Data Files

step 3Watch the Automatic Installer work

step 2Enjoy Uploading Animation 🙂

Other Features

Software Required

Adobe Photoshop CS+
Apache Server

For uncompressing a
template ZIP package:

WinZip 9+ (Windows)
Stuffit Expander 10+ (Mac)

Hosting Requirements

PHP 5.3 or higher
MySQL 5.0 or higher
The mod_rewrite Apache module
WordPress 3.6.x

Theme Categories


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  2. [email protected]

    I cannot install the Free Multi Web Design theme.
    It says the parent theme is missing even though CherryFramework theme is already installed and active.
    I reinstalled the CherryFramework and reactivated it. I still get the same error.
    I went to their official website and even their github repository, and I can only find the same theme I installed (but WordPress says it is a child theme, and not a parent theme).
    What do I do?

      • [email protected]

        That is where I downloaded the Framework from.
        It still will not work.

        • Andrew


          The issue you described can occur in three cases:
          1) You try install child theme but didn’t install CherryFramework before. In that case you need to download and install CherryFramework parent theme. (you can download it here –
          2) Make sure CherryFramework files are located in wp_content/themes/
          CherryFramework directory, not in wp_content/themes/CherryFramework/CherryFramework directory. The same for free_multi_wordpress theme directory.
          3) Check CherryFramework theme directory name, it should be exactly CherryFramework, not cherryframework or Cherryframework

          In case all of this suggestions didn’t help you, this can mean that you are installing archive that has been downloaded from Crocoblock. Template package that you are downloaded from CrocoBlock contains WordPress theme, source files, documentation etc and can’t be installed directly. You need to extract files from the downloaded package and find, this is the archive that you need to install.

  3. ligicar

    I reviewed the demo and theme documentación, but I don’t find how to change the icons in the “about me” page.

  4. alexoid

    The theme isn’t working correctly for me. Is this something to do with Motopress? It says it is ‘incompatible with current theme’.

    • Anastasia (Crocoblock Support)

      Try to update to the latest Motopress for WordPress version.

  5. tiaNaturally

    Hi, I would like to delete the blog from this theme as I won’t be using it right away. Is there a way to add it back if I change my mind? Will all the archiving still be available?

    • tiaNaturally

      ignore this. I figured it out.

    • Anastasia (Crocoblock Support)

      Hello. You can remove your blog from the menu. And your users won’t see it. If you change your mind you can bring it back to the menus settings. Contact our support team for more details: [email protected]

  6. tiaNaturally

    Is there a reason changes to theme colors in advanced text editor are not sticking? I’ve updated the code in the dashboard directly, saved and commited changes as well I have also updated file in a local text editor (brackets) and uploaded the new css file via stfp transfer on fileZilla and the old theme colors keep overriding my changes.

  7. nando99

    Can I rename portfolio to something else? Including the slug?
    Thanks in advance

    • Anastasia (Crocoblock Support)

      Yes you can rename all parts of the template.

  8. All

    The external URL of Clients does not work, How can I fix that?

  9. navs7

    the sample data present is failing to upload .
    after importing sample data, the site is not looking same as shown in the demo. WHY?

    • Anastasia (Crocoblock Support)

      Multi Web Design theme, as well as other Crocoblock free themes, doesn’t include images.

  10. fajarbgs

    excuse me, i want to ask something. is that possible to add more scoial network, ex: instagram, youtube channel, etc in the footer section? and why in Widget menut there isn’t footer are for widget?

    • Anastasia (Crocoblock Support)

      Yes, it’s possible. You should edit template files for this purpose.

  11. lucyll12

    I cannot install the theme because it says the theme lasks style.css. What happened?

  12. BadDog

    What icons can be used for this without installing anything else. Specifically, the ones for the “Frontpage” header block?