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Internet Cafe Wordpress Theme

Theme description

There are plenty of internet cafes in each city. People use them for different purposes. Youngsters can just hang up there playing video games with friends. Businessmen check their emails, correspond with their team and customers, print out documents, in a word, solve urgent questions when they are travelling. At the internet café you can have a snack, drink coffee and get internet access. Looks like one-stop-shop, isn’t it? But how will people find your internet café, say, in an unknown city, especially if it’s rather large? Of course with the help of a website. Still don’t have the one? Or maybe it’s so outdated that needs a serious rebranding? This ultra-modern theme with nice flat elements and cool scrolling effect is perfect for cases like yours. Violet hues impart the website a business-like look. Don’t like violet color? It’s not a problem as you can easily change, tweak and replace almost every element on the page to adjust the layout to your client’s needs. By the way, the theme contains huge, high-resolution images and very concise texts, which is good for the customers that are short of time. Let’s have a quick look at the company logo, main drop down menu, first slogan and ‘Read more’ button. They are placed over the background image. The trick imparts the sense of depth and perspective to the page. Have you noticed that main menu sticks to the top of the page as soon as you start scrolling? It’s a serious benefit as navigation links are constantly before the customers’ eyes. Users’ testimonials can be found at the center of the page, over the blurred image, which creates an interesting visual effect. ‘Get in touch’ section at the bottom of the page contains nice social media icons and ‘Back to top’ arrow. As you see, the template can become a real kicker for your business. So, don’t waste time, look through the rest of its features below and finally launch this project.

What’s Included


Service box

Posts Grid

Hero Unit





Extract Theme


Upload and
Activate Framework


Upload and
Activate Theme

Importing Content Has Never Been So Easy

step 1Upload Sample Data Files

step 3Watch the Automatic Installer work

step 2Enjoy Uploading Animation 🙂

Other Features

Software Required

Adobe Photoshop CS+
Apache Server

For uncompressing a
template ZIP package:

WinZip 9+ (Windows)
Stuffit Expander 10+ (Mac)

Hosting Requirements

PHP 5.3 or higher
MySQL 5.0 or higher
The mod_rewrite Apache module
WordPress 3.6.x

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