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Jewelry Jigoshop theme

Theme description

Presenting jewelry on the web may seem easy, but you’ll want a page that’s simple enough to showcase the jewelry but bold enough to make the page interesting. With space for thumbnails, your web visitors will be able to see what featured items are currently available. With minimal color, this website is easily viewed on tablets, phones or computers and all devices provide quite the experience. There is no reason to overuse graphics or copy, when a simple minimal approach showcases the jewelry. Silver, platinum and gold jewelry all pop on this black and white template page-which makes the jewelry pop.

What’s Included


Featured Products

[featured_products per_page=”4″ columns=”4″ orderby=”date” order=”desc” description=”false”]

Hero Unit

[hero_unit title=”Welcome to our site!
We offer the largest assortment of unique items for your home! Style, comfort, quality, selection!” text=”Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh
euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna]

Single Product

[product id=”1922″ sku=””]


[video_preview post_url=”http://localhost/wordpress/cr
suscipit-varius-miursu/youtube-video/” title=”no” date=”no” author=”no”]

Custom products set

[products ids=”1922, 1930, 1934″ skus=””]


[map src=”


Extract Theme


Upload and
Activate Framework


Upload and
Activate Theme

Importing Content Has Never Been So Easy

step 1Upload Sample Data Files

step 3Watch the Automatic Installer work

step 2Enjoy Uploading Animation 🙂

Other Features

Software Required

Adobe Photoshop CS+
Apache Server

For uncompressing a
template ZIP package:

WinZip 9+ (Windows)
Stuffit Expander 10+ (Mac)

Hosting Requirements

PHP 5.3 or higher
MySQL 5.0 or higher
The mod_rewrite Apache module
WordPress 3.6.x

Theme Categories


  1. [email protected]

    when attempted to install this theme, WordPress failed with a message that style.css is missing. what is the solution?

    • Andrew

      The issue you described can occur in three cases:
      1) You try install child theme but didn’t install CherryFramework before. In that case you need to download and install CherryFramework parent theme. (you can download it here –
      2) Make sure CherryFramework files are located in wp_content/themes/CherryFramework directory, not in wp_content/themes/CherryFramework/CherryFramework directory. The same for jewelry child theme directory.
      3) Check CherryFramework theme directory name, it should be exactly CherryFramework, not cherryframework or Cherryframework

      In case all of this suggestions didn’t help you, this can mean that you are installing archive that has been downloaded from Crocoblock. Template package that you are downloaded from CrocoBlock contains WordPress theme, source files, documentation etc and can’t be installed directly. You need to extract files from the downloaded package and find, this is the archive that you need to install.

      A short video tutorial on how to install CrocoBlock themes –

      • Outerspection

        The images are gray when I do to upload them. Any suggestions?

    • aryansaurabh

      yes bro you are right… i am also finding same problem with this theme

  2. standardaudio

    Hi – I too am having the same issue. Have loaded the CherryFramework parent and it seems to be loaded fine as per the YouTube Video.
    However when I try to load the jewelry theme it fails stating:
    jewelry :The parent theme is missing. Please install the “CherryFramework” parent theme.

    Any suggestions?

    • Andrew

      Please make sure you installed CherryFramework. It should be installed into wp-content/themes/CherryFramework directory, not into wp-content/themes/CherryFramework/CherryFramework. Also the direcotyr name should be exactly CherryFramework. If everything is as described there shouldn’t be any issues with the child theme

  3. yalen

    Como puedo cambiar el color de la botonera, orange a red

  4. shady4649

    Install fails for me. After installing Cherry Framework, then installing, error message of parent not found is displayed. Upon checking my server, CherryFramework1 is in stalled, not CherryFramework. It appears that the theme is looking for CherryFramework. Can you point me to where I can debug this?

  5. redmond110

    having issues with the product images being blurred until you click on to them. any idea of a way to sort this out? any help will be greatly appreciated!

    • DeSi

      go to jigoshop settings and select Crop to all images (tiny, thumb, catalog, large), select also the image sizes you want

  6. asqa

    @shaddy , you should go to your directory install cherry framework1 and rename by deleting 1 thats work for me.

  7. asqa

    just follow instruction from andrew..i have same problem before..

  8. saltaconmigo

    I have used an FTP client to upload CherryFramework and jewelry and none of them is shown as available in my wordpress installation, is it mandatory to upload them from wordpress administration?

  9. DeSi

    Please, please and please! Integrate the Jewelry Theme with Easy Digital Downloads

  10. spiderwebb

    Hi all images in the shop are gray blanks, how do I change this please

  11. akshat

    hi its showing preview contains incomplete sapling and .json and .xon files are not there

  12. manigds

    I installed this theme as per the documantion, I also imported the sample data, But it is not looking the same as the demo theme

  13. manigds

    There is no plugin for shortcode to activate, how do I install that plugin for shortcode

  14. abhaysonak

    It’s resolved post correcting the CherryFramework folder name. Thank you.

  15. abhaysonak

    Data import is successful. However, none of the images are appearing on the screen while the text is appearing properly. Please help.

  16. yud

    LOVE this theme. Thank you for making it available!
    Is this theme compatible with Jigoshop 2.x?
    I’m getting a message in my wp-admin that Jigoshop 1.x is no longer supported and a prompt to upgrade to Jigoshop 2.x
    Will this break the theme or my site?

    • yud

      Anyone knows if this theme is compatible with Jigoshop 2???