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Language Courses WordPress Theme

Theme description

Here is a simple design for language courses, tutors, schools or any educational websites. Done mainly in grey and white colors, the theme looks serious and trustworthy. What’s more, these hues are easy for the users’ eyes. It’s also safe to say that they are rather neutral and versatile. Round social media buttons and a search bar are at the right top corner of the page, so the visitors will notice them at once. Drop down menu is right below them. It sticks to the top as you start to scroll down. Pinned menus are really usable as site visitors see it all the time and can easily skip through the pages to get to the essential info. By the way, left sidebar complements site navigation. All language courses are vertically listed there. So, the users will be able to choose the course they are interested in immediately. Nice hover effect makes the process more engaging. Slider contributes a lot to creating special company feel and mood. It features best teachers’images and loud slogans. It goes without saying that all photos there are of the highest quality. Four promo banners are right under the slider. Featured courses are presented in four columns. Actually, these are images with captures. From our viewpoint, visual content is perceived and processed much better and faster by the human brain, so it’s a good way of displaying information. Clicking big call-to-action button at the bottom of the page, the users will see all offered courses. ‘Back to top’ button is also available as well. Did you notice where the author accommodates the ‘About’ block? It’s at the sidebar. Here the text looks harmonious and the web page still stays clean. Surely, you can easily change each element of this template to make it absolutely unique. This won’t take you long as it is built on Cherry Framework, just like the rest of our templates, which gives you incredible freedom when it comes to uploading your content and making all the necessary amendments. Are you ready to look through the rest of details? The story has just begun…

What’s Included


Service box

Posts Grid

Hero Unit





Extract Theme


Upload and
Activate Framework


Upload and
Activate Theme

Importing Content Has Never Been So Easy

step 1Upload Sample Data Files

step 3Watch the Automatic Installer work

step 2Enjoy Uploading Animation 🙂

Other Features

Software Required

Adobe Photoshop CS+
Apache Server

For uncompressing a
template ZIP package:

WinZip 9+ (Windows)
Stuffit Expander 10+ (Mac)

Hosting Requirements

PHP 5.3 or higher
MySQL 5.0 or higher
The mod_rewrite Apache module
WordPress 3.6.x

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