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Thom Oldmy Videographer Wordpress Theme

Theme description

Photographers say that photos made in black and white are the truest of all as they render the emotional coloring better. Videography and photography are similar occupations, so we believe that the same statement is true for both of them. As you see, CrocoBlock’s team made the videographer’s portfolio template mostly in black and white colors. Customers’ confidence is important for any professional and videographer is not an exception. People hire the artists to shoot the most precious and unforgettable moments of their lives like marriage, baby birth, anniversary and others. And they expect everything to be be flawless. They want to watch this movie again and again on their own, together with their relatives, kids, grandchildren or friends. When the users see modern, accurate website designed in luxury dark colors, they hire its owner more willingly. If you don’t believe our words, just check out what emotions do dark colors subconsciously stir in our minds on the internet. We are sure you will find many interesting info, though, if you are an expert developer, you already know about this effect. Are you ready to move on? Then, please scroll down and take a notice of the fixed position menu. It’s a smart trick as website visitors will always have site navigation at hand. Very usable, isn’t it? There are yellow icons, text and other elements on the page. They make good contrast with the background and guide visitors’ eyes through the page. Hover over the icons under the large artist’s photo on top. How do you like the animation? It’s rather unusual. As we go down, we see the featured site owner’s works. They are of trendy circular form. The visitor can click the video thumbnail and this action will lead them to the preview page, containing full info about the video. General information about the videographer is placed under the ‘Featured works’ sections. Artist’s contacts, social profiles and subsidiary menu can be found at the footer, as usually. Do you like what you see? We hope that template’s live demo together with the full list of its features will assure you and your customer that this theme is the best option for the purpose.

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