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480+ Resources for Web Professionals. All in One List

How do you keep your web resources for your work? Is that a spreadsheet or a folder on your PC? Is it an organizing tool? Or maybe you just pile them up in your bookmarks where they inevitably get lost… The reason why that happens is one: the resources are not organized. Most of the time, they are separated to different files, blog posts, folders etc.

What’s the solution? Keep as much information as possible in as few resources as possible.

The paradox is this: when you have many short lists of resources, you waste time switching between them, getting distracted by unnecessary things. Overall, launching too many processes is tiresome for your brain.

Just the opposite happens when you have only 1 long-read list of resources. You stay focused, save your time and get the work done!

I, personally, would give a lot for having all web design freebies from all over the Web gathered in only one place. Either it’s marketing tools, vintage freebies or free e-books about creating a website gathered in one place, having them at one mouse-click distance would save us so much time.
Here’s a huge list of 480+ free website development tools, designers, marketers and everyone else who’s interested in time management and efficient work on the Web.

Follow this paradoxical rule: save time, collect long-read list of tools 🙂

Click here to see the all 480+ resources for web professionals.

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