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Upgrade Your Web Design Mindset: 65 Web Design Trends of 2016

There are 3 reasons why web design trends should take a special and a dear place in your heart.

Firstly, it’s your codex of the web design laws for a current year, probably the only one in the world which changes year by year. It should be kept in your mind alongside with the codex of color combination, graphic design principles and the understanding of Golden ratio.

Secondly, the viewers who have been on the Web for some time already, create an idea of how their future perfect website (which you may create for them) should look. And yes, they take the most frequent features of other websites as some kind of a measuring criteria for your website. If you aim to respond to the requirements of the audience, just follow the trends. It’s not that you can’t create anything brand new, because you can. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be trend launchers and trend leaders. Nevertheless, you should do it wisely, and follow the proportion of 80/20, where 80% belongs to the common web design features and 20% belongs to your inventions. The only criteria for the latest is usability.

Thirdly, having web design trends list at hand structures your web design thinking. You get some kind of a ready-made grid, which you can deviate up to you taste and save a lot of time, using this so-called “plan”. We don’t say that all you need is trends, however, they may become a golden key to open many doors.

So what are the main web design trends 2016?


1. Single Image

web design trends 2016

Lately websites looks more like… big photographs. You open a link and there’s nothing but an image. A moment later your eye catches a button and a menu, which hides in it more sub-menus. Huge picture, not overloaded with text or design items, just pure visual almost-no-text space.


 2. Split Screen

web design trends 2016

This is a relatively new trend which is not used very often. However, it may become a great feature of your website if you have some content which would be better perceived when split to two parts.


 3. Blocks Grid

web design trends 2016

Blocks are mostly used in e-Commerce websites, although you can often see them in portfolio websites and personal blogs as well. Putting content into such boxes is an easy way of visual data categorizing.


4. Triangle Shape in Web Design

 web design trends 2016

This is applicable for flat design mostly. The usage is this trend is very much restricted by the style of the website, as triangles may not look well on some strict-business websites. However, if this feature fits the overall web design, it may become its most effective design feature. It perfectly points out the information which needs to be seen as a triangle shape resembles a usual… pointer.


To see a full list of 64 web design trends 2016, click here.



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